Viral Transport Media: Investment Tips For Pharmacies

Viral Transport Media: Investment Tips For Pharmacies

21 December 2022
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If you manage a pharmacy, eventually you may need to invest in viral transport media — such as COVID-19 transport media — to safely handle samples from customers who want to find out if they're positive for a particular viral strain. As long as you remember these tips, you can be happy with this investment as a whole.

Customize Media if Necessary

You can either buy viral transport media that's standard or has a custom design. The latter option might be best if you want to get some particular things out of this media that you can't easily find on the marketplace currently.

For instance, you may want the viral transport media to be pretty large to support long swabs that are used to collect viral samples. Or maybe you want the media made out of a certain material that's extremely durable.

If you do go the custom route, partner up with a manufacturer that will accept your custom specifications and has experience with this type of viral transport media development.

Make Sure the Manufacturer is Passionate About Safety

There are many different manufacturers involved in the development of viral transport media. You should put an emphasis on manufacturers that are passionate about safety because it will safeguard your pharmacy from potential contamination and liability as a consequence.

Find a manufacturer that guarantees their transport media is safe, complies with the right safety regulations, and is backed by proven safety-related results. You can review these factors with a couple of different manufacturers until you see what the best option is. Then when your customers use these media materials and they're eventually shipped off to testing labs, no negative incidents will occur.

Gather Recommendations From Other Pharmacies

If your pharmacy has never invested in viral transport media before, then you may want some guidance for this important medical supplies investment. In that case, you can consult with pharmacies that do have experience with these materials.

They can give you recommendations based on specific experiences they've had over the last couple of years or so. This way, you can make sure your viral transport media is durable, doesn't leak, and has a fair price point. 

Viral transport media serves a crucial role in that it lets pharmacies collect samples and send them off in a controlled manner for testing. As long as your pharmacy reviews the right specifications with these media materials, you can make a great investment that pays off.