Getting Started With Scrap Metal Sales At A Metal Yard

Getting Started With Scrap Metal Sales At A Metal Yard

15 June 2023
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A scrap metal yard is one of the ideal destinations for the disposal of old appliances and various other forms of scrap, such as metal pieces, old signage, vehicles, tractors, and other motorized conveyances. Scrap places also pay for the metal, making it a method of getting a bit of money back for junked-out pieces. Before visiting a yard for the first time, there are a few points to consider to streamline the experience.

Getting the best price

To obtain the best price for scrap metal, it's important to review metal prices and plan accordingly. The price offered for different metal types varies with copper usually providing top dollar per pound, according to Finance Buzz. When various metals are being scrapped, separate junk items like appliances from any raw metals and separate the raw metals by type as much as possible to make unloading by category a snap. If items are piled haphazardly on a trailer and the yard must handle sorting later, a reduced price is generally offered. 

Environmental considerations

Many household appliances contain small amounts of chemicals a scrap metal yard cannot accept. For example, the refrigerant in refrigerators and air conditioners needs to be removed and fuel tanks need to be taken off of automobiles. There are additional mechanisms for recycling or destroying these materials safely, and they should be pursued separately. Always contact a scrap metal yard to discuss any additional regulations they may enforce and to ask for recommendations for refrigerant reclaiming and gas tank disposal nearby.

Legal concerns

Because scrap metal is sold for money and often involves the destruction of a consumer good or motorized vehicle, places accepting these goods must be careful to avoid the illegal use of the facility by others. For vehicles licensed with a state Department of Motor Vehicles, this means collecting the title for the vehicle before scrapping it. According to Louisiana statute, the metal yard then turns in the title information so the vehicle can be logged as scrap, and after this, it can never be registered again. 

Recycling Today reports that the legal requirements for other metal types vary from state to state. Common precautions include requiring photo IDs, recording or photographing scrap metal loads, retaining transaction records for a period of years, and limiting the amount of money paid out to a salvager on a given day. Cash payments are more restricted than payment via check through the mail. Scrap metal places also employ a time delay before many items are destroyed should an issue arise. These rules are in place to protect consumers and the industry and should not hamper the day-to-day transactions of either casual recyclers or reputable firms.

Contact a local scrap yard to learn more.