Advice For Finding A Company To Perform Geomembrane Liner Integrity Testing

Advice For Finding A Company To Perform Geomembrane Liner Integrity Testing

28 September 2022
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If you're using a geomembrane liner to contain pollutants around a work site, you need to check for leaks for safety reasons. You can hire a company to perform this assessment known as integrity line testing, which will go smoothly if you use these tips to find said company.

Make Sure Your Specific Geomembrane Liner is Supported

Geomembrane liners can vary in a couple of different ways, including the materials they're made of, their size, and substances that are above them like wastewater and water. You need to make sure you find a linger integrity testing company that can support this specific liner when checking for potential leaks.

You can review these capabilities by seeing what equipment different companies use and also looking at their testing methods. This research will help you find a company that can deal with your liner's specific attributes in an effective, compliant manner. 

Look For Precision Leak Detection

If there are leaks around your geomembrane liner, you want to know exactly where they are so that you can take the right approach to repairs to keep pollutants successfully contained around your site. In that case, try to find a liner integrity testing company with precision leak detection methods.

This will be based on the testing equipment and techniques the company uses. Electrical testing is one of the more accurate methods for leak detection, which involves sending an electrical current throughout the geomembrane and documenting changes based on surface conditions. If you find a testing company with said approach, you can trust their results will be accurate and show exactly where leaks are if they've developed over time.

Verify Survey Results at the End Are Easy to Understand

Once liner integrity testing concludes, you'll receive survey results at the end that you can further analyze. You want to make sure they're easy to understand so that there isn't any room for error when assessing a geomembrane liner for potential leaks.

You can ask for survey samples from a couple of different liner integrity testing companies to see how they approach the documentation phase of this testing. Just find a format you like and are able to comprehend without ample assistance.

You can check a geomembrane liner for leaks in an effective manner thanks to liner integrity testing. As long as you hire the right company to perform this assessment, you'll get back meaningful results quickly.  

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