3 Benefits Of Using Polyurethane Foam Packaging

3 Benefits Of Using Polyurethane Foam Packaging

11 October 2021
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The right packaging materials protect your products in transit. If you're looking for new solutions, then polyurethane foam is worth adding to your shortlist. What are the advantages of using this type of packaging?

1. Protect Your Products More Effectively

Your packaging needs to cushion your products during the shipping process. It has to be robust enough to cope with accidents, damage, and movement without moving or breaking. This is especially important if you manufacture products or parts that are more fragile than the norm.

Polyurethane foam packaging works well here. This foam is sturdy enough to protect even the most fragile products. However, it is also softer and more flexible than other options. For instance, this foam absorbs shocks, vibrations, and movement. It can hold its shape and position even if it is put under damaging conditions. In addition, it isn't affected by damp or humidity and it can cope with exposure to many chemicals. Plus, it is gentle enough not to damage the things it surrounds.

2. Get a Lightweight Packaging Solution

While you want your packaging to do a good job, you don't want it to significantly add to your product costs. Unfortunately, some packaging products might be too heavy for your needs, which means their weight could add to your shipping costs. As such, you either have to charge your customers more for shipping, or you have to absorb some of these costs and reduce your profits.

Despite its strength, polyurethane foam packaging is relatively lightweight. Its cell-like structure keeps its weight low. Therefore, it won't add a significant amount to your shipping weights.

3. Create Customized Packaging

One of the big benefits of polyurethane foam packaging is its customizability. You can easily create packaging to exactly suit your product needs. For example, you can choose different densities of foam to create the right impact resistance for your shipments. You can also use different colors to tie your packaging into your business branding. 

In addition, you can shape the foam to get an exact fit. For example, if you manufacture bottled products, you can create packaging with precisely-sized holes. You can then slot bottles into the foam to hold them firm.

You can even add anti-static properties to a foam if you need to. This is useful if you manufacture electronic products. An anti-static foam protects electronics from unexpected charges and exposure to electricity during the shipping process.

To learn more, contact polyurethane foam packaging manufacturers, such as Sterling Manufacturing.