4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Zinc-Nickel Plating

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Zinc-Nickel Plating

22 July 2021
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Typically, iron and steel are the most common metals used for various applications. However, they can react with moisture and oxygen through a process known as oxidation and thus are prone to corrosion or rusting. Zinc-nickel plating is a process that involves coating these metals with zinc and nickel to create an attractive and durable finish. Many industries such as aerospace and manufacturing are shifting to zinc-nickel plating as an alternative to other types of coating such as cadmium for several reasons.

Here are four reasons why you should consider using zinc-nickel plating.


Zinc-nickel plating creates a corrosion-resistant layer on the surface which protects the underneath metal from degradation due to rusting. It's the main reason why car and aircraft manufacturers prefer this coating on their products. A blend of zinc and nickel provides a solid barrier on the surface, thereby protecting the metal from ruin. Also, it is a cheap process, which is good news for any business wishing to cut down on its production costs.

Environmentally Friendly

The process of electroplating zinc and nickel on the surface of a metal has less impact on the environment. These metals are natural compounds that can be recycled back into the environment. Likewise, the elements don't contain dangerous chemicals that can harm people, plants, and animals. In addition, because they can be recycled indefinitely, there's no risk of degrading the quality of the metal.

It's Attractive And Easy To Maintain

Notably, surfaces coated with zinc and nickel are easy to clean and maintain. As well, the exterior of these items is appealing and attractive since it adheres well to surfaces to create a durable finish for long-lasting performance. In addition, zinc-nickel plating blends well with other types of finishes for better results.


Zinc nickel plating is versatile and popular in many industries for coating surfaces of various products. The process combines the strength of zinc and the rust-resistance attribute of nickel to create a durable coating. For this reason, it is popular in the aerospace and automotive sectors due to wear resistance as well as the ability to withstand thermal stress.

Zinc nickel plating forms a protective coating for steel and iron. Therefore, this protects the metal from corrosion and guarantees a durable performance. Because it is a low-cost and eco-friendly process, it's an excellent choice for many industries. You can consider zinc-nickel plating and enjoy the above benefits.