Take Your Design To The Next Level: Why You Should Choose Glass For Your Decks And Balconies

Take Your Design To The Next Level: Why You Should Choose Glass For Your Decks And Balconies

8 December 2020
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If you're ready to design your new deck, don't sell yourself short on the balusters and railings. Most people think of wood and metal when it comes to their decks, but those aren't the only materials available. Glass actually provides a lot of benefits that you might not have thought about. Glass balusters and railings are also extremely safe. That's because they're manufactured using tempered glass. Luckily, that means the glass will never break into shards. Here are some important reasons to choose glass for your new deck. 

Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

If you're trying to plan the railing and balusters for a small deck or balcony area, the last thing you want is to feel closed in. Unfortunately, that's what will happen if you choose wood or vinyl for your deck. One of the great things about glass is that it works to make small spaces look bigger. That means your small deck or balcony will look much larger once your glass balusters and railings are installed. 

Provide Minimalist Appeal

If you're designing your new home with a minimalist or architectural feel, you want that to carry through to your balconies and deck. That's difficult to do when you choose wood or vinyl for your balusters and railings. That's where glass comes into the picture. Glass decks and balconies provide the minimalist appeal that you're looking for, which means the aesthetic design of your home will follow through to your decks and balconies. 

Eliminate Hazardous Gaps

If you have small children or pets, you want to make sure that they're safe on the balconies and decks of your new home. Unfortunately, that's not easy to accomplish, especially if you choose the wrong materials for your balusters and railings. Wood and vinyl railings often include large gaps that children and pets can slip through. These designs pose serious safety risks for your children and pets. One of the benefits of choosing glass is that there are no large gaps between the railing sections. As a result, the glass sections provide safety and security for your children and pets. 

Increase Natural Light

If you plan to spend time lounging on your balconies and decks, you want to enjoy plenty of natural light. You also want to enjoy an uncompromising view. The best way to ensure both of those is to choose glass balusters and railings for your balconies and decks. With glass, the sunlight can come right through. Not only that, you can see right through the glass, which means you'll have full enjoyment of the view.

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