Critical Functions That Structural Steel Erection Contractors Handle

Critical Functions That Structural Steel Erection Contractors Handle

9 November 2020
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When your construction company is in charge of building a brand new structure, you may need to outsource some of the work to specialized contractors. In particular, you may need to hire contractors to install steel components like the frame and girders. Before you contract with a structural steel erection crew, you need to understand what kinds of services that it can offer. These tasks are some that a professional structural steel erector can handle during your construction project.

Assemble the Metal Framework

One of the most important functions that a structural steel erection crew can provide for your project involves assembling the metal framework. The framework of the structure provides the outline that your building crew will follow. It is the veritable skeleton of the structure that your company is in charge of building.

For many structures, the framework is made from steel that can require special skills and equipment that your own construction crew lacks. Rather than train employees or buy equipment for this purpose, you can outsource the building of the metal framework to a professional structural steel erector.

Fitting Together Pipework

Another important task that a professional structural steel erector can take care of for your construction company involves fitting together the pipework used in whatever you are building. The pipework can include girders, ducts, and beams. These fixtures are important for the utilities in the building and also reinforce its integrity and strength.

Rather than entrust the task of fitting together the pipework for your building to your own construction crew, you can hire a structural steel erector who is trained and licensed to take care of it for you. This structural steel erection contractor knows how to fit together heavy and complex pipework to ensure that your structure passes inspection and gives your client a good return on his or her investment.

Working at Heights

Finally, a well-trained structural steel erector can take on perilous work that must be carried out at significant heights in the structure. Your crew may not be trained to work on platforms leveled several stories above the ground. Instead, you can hire structural steel erection contractors who are insured and trained to work safely on steel structures hundreds of feet up in the air.

These jobs are some that professional structural steel erection contractors can handle for you. They assemble the frame and pipework and work at significant heights.