Laser Cutting Tips That Can Lead To Optimal Results

Laser Cutting Tips That Can Lead To Optimal Results

27 August 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Laser cutting is reserved for technical projects that require focused, precision cuts in materials. If you believe your products or materials could benefit from this fabrication method, then be sure to rely on the following tips so you can set yourself up for success from the beginning.

Review Material Properties

Laser cutting is a refined and accurate process, but different materials take differently to it. Some materials are more brittle and thus require extra caution from the laser technology involved while others are more durable and require a more powerful type of laser.

Spend time researching the properties of materials that need customization. You'll then be able to refine laser cutting and go with a method that can produce exactly the results you're looking for.

Professional consultations are available if you need assistance determining which materials would benefit the most from precise and powerful laser cutting services.

Create 3D Models

When you start using laser cutting services, it's important for the operators to already know what you want made. Seeing the finished product, they can enter in the right dimensions and adjust settings with whatever laser cutting software they're using.

In this case, create 3D models before moving ahead with laser cutting. You'll show the laser cutting company you're working with exactly what the finished product should look like, ensuring no miscommunication or errors get in the way.

Many programs exist today that can generate 3D models that can then be used as references when your materials are actually customized via laser technology.

Make Sure the Company Provides Test Cuts

As soon as your materials are ready for laser cutting customization, you want to know that the cutting will be precise. You can then avoid having to order more materials because of subpar results. 

You'll feel at ease about this aspect by working with a laser cutting company that provides test cuts before working on actual materials. A sample material will be cut to ensure the laser equipment and software are dialed in correctly. 

If they aren't, the sample materials will show what adjustments are needed. The laser technician or operator can then make corrections and ensure everything is perfect before your materials are officially cut. 

When you need complex shapes for materials or intricate patterns engraved, laser cutting is usually the best solution. It is highly technical and can produce great results if you know what precautions to take. Contact a company that provides laser cutting services to learn more.