Industrial Water Pumps: What's Wrong With Your Centrifugal Pump?

Industrial Water Pumps: What's Wrong With Your Centrifugal Pump?

4 June 2020
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Whether you rely on your industrial centrifugal water pump to move clean water, oil, or sewage, you need the equipment to perform each task in an efficient and timely manner. But if your water pump makes unsettling noises, slows down, or even quits, have a repair company examine it. Cavitation may be the cause of your water pump's problems. Learn more about cavitation and how to repair this problem below.

What Exactly Is Cavitation?

Many industries use centrifugal water pumps to move fluids and waste. Centrifugal water pumps rely on impellers to move substances from one point to another. The impellers must spin or rotate at a specific speed as well as maintain a sufficient amount of fluid to work properly. If the pressure or fluid inside the pump lowers, the impellers can't build up enough velocity to push fluids through them. The impellers can experience a problem called cavitation. 

Cavitation causes extremely hot bubbles to form on the impellers. If the bubbles explode, they can severely damage the internal parts of the pump. The explosion may also cause pits or voids to develop on the impeller's surface as well on the pump's internal casing and parts. 

A cavitated water pump can become very noisy during operation. The impeller can make strange, loud noises as it spins, or the sounds may come from the internal parts inside the water pump. The damaged impeller may also slow down or lose speed as it spins.

If you inspect your water pump and notice voids on the surface of the impeller, call an industrial water pump repair company right away. 

How Do You Repair a Cavitated Water Pump?

A repair company will need to remove the pump's casing to inspect the impeller and internal parts inside it. If cavitation is the source of your water pump's problems, a repair company may suggest you replace it. If the casing inside the pump is badly compromised or damaged, you may need to discard the equipment and replace it with something else.

There are several things you can do to keep your new centrifugal water pump from failing or cavitating. You want to monitor the pump's internal pressure and fluid level on a regular basis. If the pressure or fluid level decreases, contact a service company immediately. You may wish to have a service company inspect your water pump regularly to keep it in good working order. 

Also, monitor the internal temperature of your device. Cavitation can occur if the equipment's internal temperature, or vapor pressure, increases regularly. A repair company can provide more information on cavitation and how to keep your equipment from experiencing it.

If you need repairs completed on your industrial water pump, contact a repair company today.