How To Protect Your Employees In A Dusty Industrial Environment

How To Protect Your Employees In A Dusty Industrial Environment

29 January 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When you think about workplace dangers in your factory or other industrial environments, you might think about things like dangerous equipment. However, you also have to think about other possible issues, such as the dust that might be produced within your facility. You might not have thought much about it, but the truth is that this dust can cause respiratory issues and other problems for your employees. You can help ensure that your employees are protected, however, by following these simple tips.

Require Employees to Use Masks

First and foremost, you should consider changing your company policy and requiring your employees to wear protective masks when they are at work. Consider offering these masks; then, you can help ensure that your employees have the right masks for protecting themselves while they are at work, and you can encourage compliance.

Make Use of Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Next, if you don't have industrial air filtration systems in place in your facility, this is an investment that you might want to make. These systems can be surprisingly effective for dealing with dust and other pollutants in the air. Make sure that you choose air filtration systems that are designed for use in industrial environments, and pay attention to the amount of square footage that each system is designed to work for. Then, you can ensure that you buy the right filtration systems and that you have the proper number of systems in place.

Keep Up With Regular Sweeping and Dusting

Lastly, if you have not yet talked to your cleaning crew about keeping the dust properly cleaned up, this is something that you should do. If you do not have a dedicated in-house cleaning crew, then you may want to work with a janitorial service that works in industrial environments. By keeping up with regular sweeping and dusting, you can help make sure that dust is not as much of an issue in your facility. This helps with indoor air quality, and it also helps with maintaining a neat and tidy work environment.

Dust is a common issue in many industrial environments. You might not think that there is much of anything that you can do about the dust, but you can take steps to cut down on the dust and protect your employees while they are on the job. This is important if you want to avoid compliance issues and if you want to ensure that your employees have a safe, comfortable work environment.