What Services Can Steel Fabrication Companies Provide?

What Services Can Steel Fabrication Companies Provide?

18 January 2020
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For most business owners, purchasing the equipment necessary to manufacture their own product is cost-prohibitive. In order to recoup the cost of the equipment, you would need to produce and sell products at a volume that simply isn't possible for most small businesses. Fortunately, you can still sell the products your customers desire when you partner with third-party manufacturers. Steel fabrication services can create a multitude of products using a variety of tools and techniques. Below you can find a few services that steel fabrication companies provide.

1. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be used to make precise, finely detailed cuts in steel. Laser cutting is an excellent choice if you need metal cut into intricate shapes for keychains or other shaped products. Laser cutting allows the steel to be cut into irregular shapes that can later be painted or treated with dye as necessary.

2. Die Cutting

If you need components for machines, you can take advantage of a steel fabrication company's die cutting services. Die-cut metal is stamped, so each piece is completely even and uniform. It's an economical method of metalworking that will save you money on less complex components.

3. Finishing

When steel is used for consumer-grade applications, it needs to look aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, steel fabrication companies also provide finishing services that will take your metal product and improve its looks. Steel can be colored using a process known as anodization. When steel is anodized, electromagnetic waves are used to attract colored metal particles to the outer surface of the steel, creating a durable outer shell. Steel can also be finished through painting or plating; some customers require gold- or silver-plating for a more luxurious finish.

4. Large Fabrication

Some businesses deal with larger products. If you own an HVAC company and need ducts and other large steel objects created to custom specifications, a steel fabrication service can fill your needs. Large fabrication requires heavy-duty machinery that must be handled by trained professionals. Allow expert steelworkers to cut, bend, and weld steel into the objects you need to service your customers.

Allow a steel fabrication service to create the products you need to excel in business. No matter what industry you're in, if you need metal products, it's likely a metal fabricator can help. Having your products custom-made guarantees that they will be unique. A reputable steelworker guarantees that every product you sell will last the test of time. For more information, contact a company such as John's Welding and Tool.