Is It Time To Replace Your Overhead Crane?

Is It Time To Replace Your Overhead Crane?

10 April 2019
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Manufacturers and processing facilities invest a lot of money in their overhead cranes. These cranes are responsible for lifting and transporting heavy loads from one end of the facility to the other. Without a functional overhead crane, the efficiency and productivity of your facility would suffer.

It can be difficult to determine when the time is right to invest in a new crane. Watch for some of these tell-tale signs of crane failure to ensure you always have access to the functional overhead crane equipment you need.

Increase in the Number of Repairs

It's not unusual for an overhead crane to require the occasional repair. You need to be mindful of the frequency with which you are repairing your crane to determine when the old unit needs to be replaced.

A crane that is constantly needing repairs is costly. Not only will you have to pay for professional services and replacement parts, but your facility will be losing money during the downtime required for crane repairs. Weigh the cost of ongoing repairs against the cost of investing in a new overhead crane to determine if it's time to replace your crane.

Expiration of Manufacturer Warranty

Most of the overhead cranes that are used in industrial settings today come equipped with a manufacturer warranty. This warranty is designed to prevent financial loss in the event your crane breaks down due to malfunctioning parts.

When the warranty on major components that make up your overhead crane expires, you should consider investing in a new crane to help keep future costs to a minimum.

Expansion of Work Scope

Successful companies are always expanding the scope of the work they complete on a daily basis. This means that you might outgrow your current overhead crane over time.

If you find that you are routinely needing to lift loads that are heavier than your current crane can handle, it might be time to invest in an upgrade. You should also consider replacing your crane if you need a piece of equipment that is faster and more precise to accommodate the expanding scope of your company's work.

Access to the right overhead crane can increase your facility productivity and safety. Be sure to monitor the performance of your overhead crane closely so that you can determine when the time is right to replace or upgrade the old unit with a newer and more efficiency piece of equipment.

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